Our company / History

Combinatie Mauritz is situated in Opheusden (Holland), a small village in the "Betuwe" region. The Betuwe is one of the most extensive tree nursery centres in the entire world, as there are more than hundred nurseries. 

Opheusden (the Netherlands) is a tree nursery village by tradition, located next to the river "Nederrijn". History takes us back to 1613, when the first tree cultivators showed their unremitting labour.
The soil consists of clay, which guarantees optimal health and (re-) growth of the trees. The Mauritz family have cultivated trees since 1860.

One of the pictures below shows the father of the brothers' Mauritz (shown on the right) on his way to Boskoop with a load of trees. These pictures date back to the fifties.

Beauty of Nature. Good care and love for trees.

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